Understand That—:


It’s fascinating how much power another can hold

I’m nodding with the faintest of smiles

Sharing pleasantries with every Dick, Tom and Harry

Feeling drained and stuck in a fold

Where no one can reach the depth of my soul


Man J was kind, clean and porch

His smile could brighten a day’s wild

Too good for me, Hell no!

Yet, I let fate subside

Even in obvious tides!


How stupid was I to believe?

That situations can always pan out in my favor

I know how! Greed that’s what!

Setting slides in a calculator debrief


Too corky or too weak?

None ever applied

Too kiddy or too meek?

Seemingly easy, was turning a blind eye


Breaking the camel’s back with the truth

Seemed harder to hear

And in a situation that drew near,

All I did was remain a prude

Apparently not good enough



Written By:  Favour Ojika