How Can It Be Fair  


Retrospectively, being fair was never the bargain

It was never known to the plain

People strive to make wishes come true

Without believing in what to go through


From a perspective to believe,

When life hands you lemons

you fight hard your demons

Hence, only then can you receive


Figures of speech might describe

the utmost desires of the heart

Wearing thunders and gazes prescribed

Keeps making the soul uncircumcised


Heavy, taking a stroll to yonder

hoping the faintness blurs,

my mind keeps the ponder

But, alas it keeps coming quicker


Sick, sick of words ready to soar

But with no will to push beyond might

Work, work, work!

Abject strive but still work!

Who cares? You will eventually

Just work!


It’s not fair

Nobody said it was

That’s lie in all its bare

You make it what it shores


Written By: Favour Ojika