Unfiltered Words

I’m sorry for bullying your ego

more times than I can count

I am sorry for making it all about me,

during and after our sessions as entities

Embodied in the same space yet farther off apart,

I yearn for your gaze

Past experiences taught me differently,

but you make it so easy to bear

The thought of first experiences, and being with you makes my heart warm

But the treatment towards you afterwards can sure make one drown

I am sorry for making it all about me!

Ruining moments meant to be savored by two,

My plights keep deceiving the us in us too

Why can’t we both get what we want?

Fear and selfishness from one party which is I

Nothing but love and faith emanate from your eye

The true version that everyone seems to want

I sincerely apologize for being lifeless

In ways that make one cry for help

Sold to another, yet so discreet

In ways that can make built memories fleet

Thrust in my own version of care, I bow

And letting my flesh own, I withdraw

I am sorry for being omnipotent

Even when my strength can barely carry the weight thereof

There are no magic words to say

Even in moments when I whisper into your ear

Who would have thought that my own thoughts would drown me

That alone is one cross i’d have to bear

Written By: Favour Ojika