My Weakness 

My weakness, my secret
All in one, yet not so discreet
You’d think it’ll be an advantage
But, it often causes an outrage
One that cries out of anger
Knowing the world sees it as a banger
Yea, you’re supposed to be tough not kind
Yea, you’re supposed to show them that you pay no mind
But, where does your humanity lie?
Knowing that you’re constantly living a lie!
Your innermost being shows you’re kind
And that’s a problem
Because showing you’re kind does not incite fear
The fear that commands respect
Even in aspects that makes one circumspect
I’ve come to peace with the fact that my weakness is my strength
It sounds cliche but what else have I got
They know my secret!
But, you know, one thing I’ve come to realize is that,
It might seem like you’ve been taken advantage of but don’t fret!
Your heart is precious
One filled with good deeds only you can remember
So go on and love
Even in a world filled with so much hate
Cut out the weeds and look for the feeds
Guard that heart so precious
So people so vicious, even though filled with envy would have no choice but to bow
Don’t cave beyond the cave!
Don’t care but care!
Keep your distance,
Make your time count
Head up high!
Be filled with your own happiness
Because guess what!
In your own way, you’ve made your weakness your greatest strength
Written By: Favour Ojika