My Thoughts Exactly!

Today, I’ll work my best

and leave the rest

Today, I’ll make the words count

Even when I’m being blunt

How will I know what I want?

When everyday, all I do is put up a front

Being confused about life and all its lifelessness

And constantly being blamed for my carelessness

Yet, I’ll still work

Work for what though!

Living life without purpose?

But what do you propose?

Do I then let go of my education?

Abandon the ones who look up to me in starvation?

No that won’t cut it

I have to work to make it

It’s obvious all the world seeks are working people

People who would give

regardless of whether or not they have what it takes

At the end, leaving them with nothing to forgive

I’ll make my mark

Hitherto, whatever would be would be

When walking through the strides fails

My heart I believe, always prevails

I’ll take that chance

While in the trance

To make an alluring gaze

Through the maze

With hopes of all smiles in the end

Written By: Favour Ojika