Communication Is Key–Val Day Special

Many lack the ability to communicate. You do not need a special skill to say how you feel or to know what you need to know. And this goes for many aspects of people’s life (their job and personal life, most especially.) I’ve come to realize that it is so easy to say “talk to them,” “tell them how you feel.” But is it always that is easy? I’ll let you think about that for a minute. The truth is, some people hate to feel vulnerable. Saying “I like you or I love you,” is actually harder than it sounds because the minute that’s said, the conceding party feels as if he/she has lost control of their thoughts and consequently their action to the other party. And that lack of trust makes it difficult for them to know what either party is really thinking or saying (from a girl’s perspective).

A convenient scenario is a boy and a girl that obviously like each other but find it hard to say in literal words what they feel to each other. Yet their body language, text messages, and even their words (indirectly) say something different. My point is if you like someone, for the love of all humanity please just literally SAY IT. You’ll be saving all of us the stress of listening to you whine lol. I didn’t mean that but the plan was to make you rethink your stand of being vulnerable. Sometimes being vulnerable is good, especially when it genuinely comes from the heart.

It goes both ways, its either going to work or not. If it does, yay! if not then it’s not meant to be and you move on. Easier said than done but trust me honey, we’ve all been there and we’re doing fine. Don’t worry about what the other party is thinking, because the society told you it’s not your place to do the talking. All I’m saying is have an honest conversation and decide what you want.  It’ll make you sleep better trust me.

Shalom Guys

Your Favorite GGG


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