We Live in a Sexual World!!! My Thoughts…

So earlier today on Snap Chat, I was eating a banana fruit and apparently that was considered a sexual enticement to the people watching. I believe it has gotten to the point where some words can not be said without underlying sexual intonations. The fact that we degrade our sense of reasoning to sexually interpretingĀ little things like our darn fruits, is just beyond me!

We can’t eat our fruits in peace anymore (no more eating banana, cucumber, etc. without feeling somehow). Even our numbers are not innocent anymore (69 is a now a strange number in my dictionary) all because of what our world is turning into.Ā I’m not saying it’s bad to make a joke, I’m bringing your attention to the level at which “this joke” is being internalized amongst youths in the society.


Nowadays everything is strictly sold, or told to arouse our sexual feelings as human beings. That is why you hear phrases like “sex sells”Ā  Why???

  • For instance, I can’t watch a decent movie with any one younger than me anymore, just because I’m scared some certain scenes would make that view awkward for them and me too (although I’m sure they’ve seen worse).
  • Also,Ā I was talking with a friend about storage space on his flash drive. And then I asked him “how big is your stuff?” Chai God! I consciously caught myself thinking of other things, like I hope this boy knows I’m justĀ asking for storage space o (he didn’t notice thank God!). Regardless, there have been situations where other people would jokingly want to carry on the conversation, not because they are trying to be bad, but because ofĀ how normal it is to play with these words sexually.

You mustn’t be an entertainment fanatic, but at least it’s always important to understand what you internalize consciously or unconsciously. This is not in anyway asking people to change, but, it’s pointing out a known fact that what you internalize eventually becomes you, it’s just a matter of time.

See You onĀ my Next Blog

XOXO Your Favorite GGG



Everything written is strictly opinion based. It is not said to change or convince people with certain lifestyles instead it is done to bring awareness to an issue. Respectful comments and arguments are always appreciated. Thanks!




One thought on “We Live in a Sexual World!!! My Thoughts…

  1. Ride on girl. I enjoyed this post. I thought iIam the only one, I can no longer eat bananas in the public for the fear of people and their thoughts.


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