You’re too SensitivešŸ˜¼

How can one person respond to this? It’s too broad a sentence to start analyzing lol. You don’t believe me? Okay hear me! There are many things involved in saying a person is TOO sensitive. And no, it’s not a joke because the way you might react to a thing is entirely different from the way I’d react to a thing.

You know, I’ve been in situations where I hear stuff like, why are you too emotional; why are you too concerned; you care too much.Ā Hell, I’ve even had to blame myself a thousand times for caring about people that break my heart at every chance they get, but guess what, that is what makes me a person. I care too much, pleaseee sue me! Excuse me for having emotions, I never knew that that was a crime in the first place.

The truth is sometimes as human beings, it’s hard to control the way weĀ feel or who weĀ are. Yes, I can get emotional so sometimes I avoid being put in that position. Yes, I am very outspoken about my emotions atimes, and that can get too much for people to handle. But, it is in no way my duty to change my personality in order to make another person comfortable.

To my fellow “sensitive” people

  • Keep being yourself regardless! Showing an emotion does not mean you’re weak, it means you are a strong person that doesn’t shy away from facing situations head on, even though it makes youĀ uncomfortable for a little bit.
  • Secondly, when you hear someone say that to you, confront them if you don’t like it or ignore them (do whatever makes you happy). Besides, being sensitive is not a bad thing!

To You telling others “you’re too sensitive.”

  • Stop it period! It is not a funny joke because even though your friends laugh, you make them feel bad about being who they are with you.
  • Secondly, you are not in any position to analyze their state of emotion because I’m sure they don’t do that to you.


Shalom Guys

See you at my Next Blog

Your Favorite GGG XOXO!


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