Donald Trump Will Make It Better–Nigerian Version!

I cringe every time I hear this because it is really a cause forĀ concern especially when I am engaging in a conversation with a fellow back home. WithĀ the latest development of the ban, many folks around the world are seasoned with fear and that is totally understandable. I will not talk too much about this topic, because to be honest I really do not have much to say, I just reside in this country as a student.

So, my input might not be as useful but my talking about it means in more ways than one I care about my safety and the safety of others in this country.Ā One thing I disagree with is folks back home who support Donald Trump for one reason or the other. I am sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the truth is always the truth. Donald Trump, as far as I’m concerned, is a bigoted businessman that’s only on the look out for himself and what he’s to gain from the presidency of this country. He doesn’t care about anyone or any other thing but himself and his interests.

Unfortunately, I’ve had people back home say things like “Donald Trump will make it better,” when you ask how they don’t give a tangible reason saying time will tell lol. You also have others saying that “Donald Trump will help Biafra secede from Nigeria.” That makes me so mad because I feel it’s high time Nigerians start thinking about how to move the country and themselves forward rather than wait for external influences to come and mess us up more.

I’ll end by saying regardless of what you might think that Donald Trump will do for you as a Nigerian, nothing goes for nothing in the world we live in. If the devil gives you a finger in your time of need, be prepared to give him your entire arm when he comes for payment. AndĀ TRUST ME when I say HE WILL COME for his payment.



Your Favorite GGG


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