Quit Complaining–Start Working!

In life, I am still learning that nothing comes easy, the only thing is the individual ability to learn and grow! I have had many struggles in this my life that even my closest friends have no idea of what it feels like. I appreciate open-mindedness but other times, I leave the struggle for I alone to bear. This is because I feel that they might not understand the gravity of that issue’s weight on me.


So, my loves I completely understand the struggle. For the first time, i’d share this with the entire world. I’ve had issues with my weight for a while now, but lately I’ve been taking steps to combat the issue. I was tired of feeling a certain way about myself so presently i’m working towards making it all better. Many times, I’ve heard things like “but you’re not fat na.” Lol that’s your opinion but leave it to me to take good care of my body. Taking care of myself doesn’t entirely mean I’m all about loosing weight. I just don’t want to look good, I want to feel good too.

That is one example, but I know many people that complain about a certain area of their life that might be a challenge to change within seconds. That is why I encourage you today to be motivated to change your situation By Your Self. If it’s spiritual, reach out to God, If it is physical, try your best to make it work. It might not be easy but I’ll tell you that is completely doable.

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