The Importance of Being Happy In Your Career Choice Part I

For many reasons, happiness actually comes last when choosing a career. Many might disagree but the truth always wins. Growing up in Nigeria was one of the best experiences if not the best I have ever had but the most complicated part of it all was actually choosing what I wanted to be in life. Categorically speaking, I come from a particular culture that believes certain professions trumps others and to be fair it’s quite general in other parts of the world. Earning a living which indirectly means paying bills for the rest of one’s life and sustaining his/her family actually comes first when careers are chosen. This is not to say that the above are bad reasons to stay in a job, but the fact that happiness being a vital part should be present so as to sustain one through the job.

Less i forget, there is actually a difference between a ‘job’ and a ‘career’. Let me break it down is simple tenses. A job is something you do to keep body and soul together while a ‘career’ is something you are satisfied with doing for the rest of your life regardless of the amount it fetches.  That notwithstanding, many youths of this day have been indirectly coerced into doing a bunch of jobs just to survive in the world, myself included. I would not deny the fact that living life is pretty hard especially when you have a lot of responsibilities but encouraging yourself through it all is what matters and things around you should also contribute positively to that struggle. Okay enough of the too much grammar, there are different categories of people especially the youngsters waiting to make their big break in life.

  • There are those who right from inception know exactly what they are going to become in life and as such work through tooth and nail to see their dreams come true without any pressures from their families or the society.
  • There are those who are pretty indecisive from inception and as such still struggle to figure out their niche in life (I see this group of people especially here in the states and that is okay because it takes time to be sure but just don’t take too much time).
  •  There are those people who are very indecisive but follow the trend on either the easiest majors or the money fetching majors or the majors talked about as ‘professional’ by their families, friends and well-wishers.
  • The most critical of them all is the category of people that have interests and are sure of what they what to do but are limited by different forces around (for example, family, reality, pay, past practices and image of the profession amongst others) and as such settle for either what they are being given or what seems more realistic.

Photo Credit and Information Source: Free Photo by Favour Ojika, @2016 Favour Ojika. All Rights Reserved.


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