The Genesis of My Study in America

As we grow older, we change; either for the better or, unfortunately, for the worse. Either way, people around us play a huge factor in directing our character’s changes. It is simply amazing how everything around us shapes and carves us as characters. You might live a lifetime, influenced by the environment and all the people around you, and not even realize that they are the reason behind changes in your personality. One person can make a huge difference in your life, whereas ten people all together might never change you.

Well in this particular case, the person that has positively influenced my college experience frankly has been my mother. I know this sounds cheesy and totally unexpected but I cannot think of someone more deserving to say a huge thank you to. It all started when I was a kid, my mum always aspired for me to study abroad even when the reality of it all was not forthcoming. My parents were civil servants and their salaries were not enough to take care of all six children in prominent private schools not to talk of training them abroad. We barely relied on fancy clothes or dinners, but we never lacked basic amenities, that my parents made sure of.

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Anyway,  growing up was not fancy but my mum never stopped dreaming for us all especially for me being the first child out of six children. She imagined me travelling abroad to study and being the best I could ever be. At one point in my life before I was done with high school I started believing what she was saying by picturing myself and saying positive words into my future but realistically the money for sponsorship was not foreseen. As time went on, I was done with high school, but the money to sponsor my education was still not visible but I didn’t completely loose hope. My mother continued pressing and encouraging me with her words of wisdom and prayers and this made me keep hope alive for a while. I was made to apply to different universities within my country then the reality set in and so I lost the courage and hope  of ever studying abroad altogether.

The sad thing was that I lost hope but my mother never did even when the reality said otherwise. She was my strength in the face of an evident weakness and struggle. And I feel God basically decided to bless me with a scholarship not just because of my efforts and financial situation but because of my mother’s relentlessness to see me succeed outside the shores of my country. I then prepared for school and at the airport my mum looked at me, prayed for me and said the words that I really needed to hear. Out of all the sermons I was made to listen to, those words stuck to my brain and motivated me continually in my struggle to be the best I could be especially in this college. I have ever since then tried my very best academically and every time I look back from where I am coming from, I am indeed always proud of the woman I have become. This is because of the woman I knew as my mother and the difference she had never ceased to make in my life.

Your Favorite GGG

Information Source by Favour Ojika, @2016 Favour Ojika. All Rights Reserved.


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