New York Had Me one Time😆

Hello Guys,

So many people that follow me on social media especially on Facebook (click the link to follow me by the way) know that I love travelling. When I get the opportunity and money, I really like going to see other places. Long story short, I was invited to New York by my very good friend and sister Benita,  and of course I got to check out the nice city. As a good graduation present to myself, I got to see the amazing NEW YORK and boy was it amazing. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

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My Facts About New York

  • New York is actually an amazing city with lots of places to see
  • The streets are not that clean because of the many people in it
  • It’s an active city with lots of people from all over the world (nightlife, food and lots of music)
  • It reminds me of Lagos, Nigeria (in the sense that it accommodates all, the high class, middle class and lower class)
  • It’s a place of business even on the streets with hardworking people of all colors
  • If you’re Nigerian, trust me you’ll see a lot of us there (it’s our own Lagos to be honest lmao)

Quick Tips for Future Travelers

  • Prepare to city tour because New York has Lots of amazing tourist attractions (so do your research before travelling)
  • To enjoy your money’s worth, (especially if you’re going on a onetime visit) go during the summer
  • Take the train if you are on a budget (trust me, it’s a life saver because taxi prices are ridiculous
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions on the train or on the road but be careful (the city always buzzes but strangers take time to show assist lost visitors once in a while)
  • New York is amazing so enjoy any and every thing that you want to enjoy

Final Thoughts

As earlier stated, New York is a place i’d like to visit again maybe not move to because I personally prefer a less noisy place. But, I will definitely visit New York again when I get the chance and money lol.

Until I see you on my next blog,

Shalom Guys

Your Favorite GGG!





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