Make Out or Fall Out

In life, I believe everything is by choice. You either choose to live longer by eating healthy or die quicker by simply eating unhealthy. And, so is the cycle of our sexual lives as humans.

Making out happens to be a less talked about aspect of this cycle but also an important part too.  Making out simply means Sexual engaging acts between partners that might lead to sex. These acts include kissing, petting, and necking, but may also refer to non-penetrative sex acts such as heavy petting.


Forgive my bluntness but it’s a two way street as far as I’m concerned with guys. It’s either they want to hit it or they want to hit it. No dude wants to make out because they really like you or because they just loveeee you. They engage with the hopes of ‘it’ leading to something better. Although, there are a bunch of different cases to this but basically most guys engage to eventually sleep with you when the time comes.  Feel free to disagree but please don’t ask me how I know lol.


They call us complicated! Well, that’s because we somehow are. While making out, it’s a bunch of streets on our zone. It’s either we’re thinking of our entire lives with the individual right that second or we are at least wondering what they’re thinking of our make out skills, or there’s that thought of why the hell we’re making out with that dude in the first place. Only a few people take time to savor the moment without thinking too much of the consequences of their actions.

A huge chunk of the time, women worry about 10 steps down the line from the very first act of physical engagement. Don’t you giggle, you know exactly what I mean. But seriously ladies, as simple as my next statement might sound, worrying won’t do nothing. It’s either you’re in or you’re out!

Savor or Savior should be the watch word during make out sessions. Its either you’re all in to enjoy the moment as it comes or you’re completely out with less responsibility of worrying what he might do next. ‘He’ should not dictate the fate of your feelings as a woman, you should be allowed to be in for either fun or feel and, not left to travel throughout Plato while he enjoys the ride.

Regret is one thing you should not allow creep in once you’re in one of these sessions. So, it’s never advisable to engage if you’re not sure you want to. MAKE SURE TO BE SURE!  Whether good or bad, make sure your mind is right with what you’re doing. This includes eventually taking responsibility for your actions if need be. Sounds funny but enjoy the moment so regardless of the outcome, you can tell yourself that you had a good session at the end of the day lol.

Conclusively, making out is a pleasurable act that should be enjoyed by both parties. For my girls, it is okay for your mind to wander during this ‘important’ (clears throat) session but it’ll be easier if you’d stick to being comfortable, and focused while making out with someone you CARE about. Notice I emphasized on the word care, as that realization can help to change things for good. So, beware and be wise ladies!


Your favorite GGG


Disclaimer: This article is focused on making out and not sex. So please contending arguments should focus on the act of making out and not sex. Also, this piece is completely opinion based, feel free to disagree but please be respectful of other people’s feelings. Thank you!



7 thoughts on “Make Out or Fall Out

  1. Hi, Nice 1 ….. Really enjoyed d Article. But i must say its a little bit 1 sided and also want to let u know dat we guys (male) experiences most of d stuff d females go through while making out as u av stated. Especially the consequence dat comes after making out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ken,

      Thank you so much for reading that piece. I agree that the write-up might be a bit one-sided but as you guessed, lol I’m a lady and so I speak from my perspective as a woman. I’m open to other points of view. So please, keep them coming and stay tuned for more content.

      Favour Ojika


  2. Nice one girl! I completely agree with you. Women need to be careful even while making out. I’ll always say guard your heart jealousy, but have fun while you’re at it😝. Anyways, I really enjoyed reading this article!

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