Welcome to my Blog

My friends know me as a VERY expressive fellow. I love talking!!! Yes, being expressive and an extrovert has always been my nature. Depending on my mood in time, I also love writing and acting. I write poems and short expressive essays where I lay my stand on different issues. In this blog page, I will be putting up lots of interesting dialogues that I feel every

person reading would be able to participate from one way or the other. My sincere hope is that you keep your eyes peeled on the latest posts and keep me abreast on any information you’d like my opinion on. Meanwhile scroll down on the main page to see all my latest posts. Do not forget to like it, and leave a comment below. Remember every opinion matters as long as it is done respectfully!

So, with that said,

Welcome to My Blog Guys!!! I hope you have fun here with me.

Your Favorite Gara-Gara Girl (GGG) XOXO!

Photo Credit: Skelly Orhuhu


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