Be Careful Not to Lust!


Sometimes girls find it difficult to differentiate between a serious-minded guy and someone who really likes them. If you have a boyfriend maybe this might not apply to you because you’ve set up your boundary. But, if you as single as a pole as I am lol maybe you can catch my drift just for a little bit.

The question is how can we ladies overcome the hurdle of lust, like and love? I might tell you that the answer is simple but to be honest, it’s not hence my explanation. If a guy tells you he loves you right from the very moment he meets you then believe me when I say he is lusting after you. And trust me sister, the moment he gets to the punani, we all know where he’ll be, long gone!!! If a guy says he likes you, there is a possibility that he cares and if given the chance things might grow into something better. The ones that truly love you would not say it right off the bat, they’ll want to show you how they feel first. Therefore, we must be watchful and smart in our decisions. Please do not get my message twisted, I am not saying all guys that say they love you are liars, I’m just saying be careful and be prepared to filter the messages that flow through your ears.

Don’t shut yourself out completely from everything a guy tells you, so as not to miss your opportunity with the right guy but BE CAREFUL. It’s okay for guys to like you and maybe love you but it takes a serious-minded MAN to LOVE you. I also believe actions speak louder than words. A man who adores you would reciprocate your feelings for him, he will treat you like his one and only. These might be cliché words but truthfully he will SHOW you that he cares about you.

How you may ask? By giving you time, by getting to know you and by being there for you and vice-versa. I’m not saying jump at every guy that shows you little affection, but be wise in your daily dealings with the ones that genuinely show you that they care for you.

Note, this group of guys might be the un-seeming ones that is, they might not be your ideal kind of men. But be sure to at least know them and give them a chance to make life worth it with you.

Disclaimer: This piece is entirely opinionated. Feel free to disagree but please do so respectfully. Gracias!

XOXO Your Favorite GGG


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